Champions Club specializes in ministering to kids with special needs and the medically fragile.

When: Sundays at 10:30am.

Age Range: Kindergarten-6th grade.

The Club's Core Values

Our desire is to meet the developmental needs of individuals with special needs in four important ways: SPIRITUALLY, INTELLECTUALLY,  MENTALLY, and PHYSICALLY.

1. We never, ever turn away an individual. No matter how severe the situation may be.

2. Every person walking into a Champion's Club will feel loved and accepted.

3. We offer a holistic approach to care that develops the mind, body, soul, and spirit.

4. We give tangible hope to every family with special needs and the medically fragile.

5. We create inclusive environments for those with special needs and secure opportunities

for them to learn alongside their peers in typical environments.

6. We develop the gifts and talents of those with special needs so they

can become everything God has created them to be.